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Mobile Apps

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Why and What For?

Mobile apps are very versatile. they have many use cases, and help you to get closer to your customers. We have worked in multiple solutions on market, which has become a great interactive tool between customers and the company. From apps that connect customers with professional services, to custom internal management apps.

Each mobile app has a specific function that can help you in your daily.

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Different Types Of Apps

We use cutting-edge technology, on the web, hybrid, or native code. According to your needs, your idea may use one of these three branches of technology.

For simple requirements, we recommend using WebApps technologies, which are growing fast due to their versatility and easiness for prototyping.

Hybrids apps are mobile apps that use a blend of web technology in some modules, but its main core contains native code.

Lastly, we have native technology, which is made with Java for Android, and Swift for iOS, they have to be made separately, unlike the two above. These apps have some advantages in performance and fewer resources consume.

Which Technology Do We

Mainly we use three technologies in order to develop your next project.

  • Android DevelopmentNative language for android platform, built with Java.
  • iOS DevelopmentNative language for iOS platfoms, build with Swift.
  • Multiplatform DevelopmentDeveloped with React Native, it runs on both platforms in a hybrid manner.

Cómo lo hacemos


We get to know your ideas,  we write down every requirement in order to study viabilities and find the best path for your software.

Developing and Testing

Every software in our company is developed and tested with unity tests, this way, we can ensure an improved and better final software.

Linking Ideas

In this phase, we put all together, design and development work in tune. We study ever aspect of the product from the end user’s point of view.


Last step, software deployment, final tests on production environment, software documentation and initial backup.

Reactivity Software

Being reactive, translate in better communication between modules and their environment, ensuring real time data.

Modular Software

Modularity means, each module works independently and in a disruptive manner, therefore we have a better Maintenance and salability.


Applying tests on software, allow us to have a better final product free of bugs in a production environment, achieving a great final product.

Secured Software

Our software are encrypted from beginning to end, this way we ensure the information can be read just by the right part.

Cloud Systems

In order to have reports and communications from any location, we centralize the data in a private cloud, allowing us more usability.


Our software service does not end at deploy stage, we focus on long term relationships with our clients, we seek to accompany them in their path.


Which stores will be present my app?

Depending on the project, the app will be present on Android and/or iOS platforms. The price covers the different store’s permissions and the deployment to them.

May i have apps for both platforms at same time?

In a few words, yes. But to this question, there are two options. The first one consists on develop the app with hybrid technologies that allow us to share most code between platforms, this option is preferred for starting projects or less demanding projects. The second one consists on develop separately in Swift for iOS and Java for Android, which implies having two separated groups working on the same project at the same time. This option is recommended for very specific apps that need special features from the phone.

How much can I do with a hybrid app?

To answer this question, it must be said that every time we see hybrid technologies much closer to the native ones, companies like Facebook, for their applications using React Native, a tool that is hybrid in its development, but at the time of deploying it, you have an application up to 90% native with high performance. In most cases, this technology is recommended.

Will the application work on all cell phones?

To sum it up, no. But in the vast majority of cell phones it will, this is because old cell phones are being left without support by the platforms, but in more than 80% of today’s cell phones, will.

What is include into the support?

The support includes functional subjects, which can affect a process, includes a backup and service inside the cloud.

We do not include new developments, loss of data because of misuse of the server, damage to the software by third-party developers.

For more information, contact us and we can guide you.

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